Moodboard | Daughters of Fortuna

I registered for this year’s National Novel Writing Month and I’m so excited! My novel is (tentatively) titled Daughters of Fortuna, and I’ll be blogging about my project throughout the month of November.

Daughters of Fortuna is a gender-swapped retelling of Master & Commander with a twist of the supernatural. I’ve been a huge fan of the Master & Commander series since high school, and I frequently daydream about sea-faring adventures featuring badass women โ€” and there’s not enough of them, frankly, so I’m throwing my own story in the ring. Although it’s a “retelling,” I’m using that term pretty loosely, because the plot varies pretty wildly from the original story.

I always start a writing project with a moodboard; it helps me get into the “vibe” of the story, and it gives me inspiration when I start to feel frustrated by it. I have to say I’m looking forward to getting started. I’m taking a different approach to my book this year. The book I wrote last year just kind of came about without a lot of prior planning, and while I am pleased with how it turned out, Daughters of Fortuna already has a much clearer outline and I hope that will aid me in completing it next month.