In my favorite city: Prague!

I’m Ashley Warren, and I’ve had a book in my hand since I can remember. After spending nearly 10 years as a journalist and editor, I completed graduate school and decided to focus more on research. But when I’m not researching, I’m writing; it’s impossible for me to separate my two passions. (My third passion, closely linked to the other two, is travel.)

I hold a B.A in English Literature and an M.A in Literacy/Research Studies from the University of Nevada, Reno. In 2012, I was awarded Journalist of Merit by the Nevada Press Association.

Formerly, I was the editor-in-chief of the Brushfire Literature + Art Journal, UNR’s art publication;ย Wildflower Magazine, a creative literary magazine for women; and The New Artemis, a web magazine about adventure, gear, and travel. I was also the Special Projects Editor for the Reno News & Review, and a contributor to global publications including GOOD.is and The Mary Sue.

Currently, I work as a research consultant for writers and creatives. I am at work on a fantasy novel for this year’s National Novel Writing Month, and regularly write speculative fiction short stories. This blog is a way for me to be a bit more public about my writing process, favorite tools, current projects, and inspiration!